Bedding Glossary


The ability of a fabric to take in moisture. An important benefit for towels, sheets and duvets. It affects characteristics such as skin comfort, shrinkage and water repellency.


Refers to fabric that is either chemically treated or whose natural fiber is resistant to bacteria. An antibacterial treatment makes the fabric resistant to microorganisms and inhibits their growth.

Bath Sheet 

Similar to but larger than a bath towel. Used for drying after a bath or shower. Not included in towel sets

Bath Towel 

Longer than it is wide and quite larger than a hand towel. Used for drying after a bath or shower


A bedspread is an ornamental cover for the bed that can also be used for warmth, as a blanket. Often bedspreads are used to keep the bedroom neat looking by covering the bed with it after it's made.


A natural textile made from the pulp of bamboo grass. Bamboo fabric is light, strong and known for its sustainability and good wicking properties. Bamboo is often blended with cotton to create items such as throws and blankets.

Bamboo Fleece

Bamboo woven blanket that is brushed to create a ultra-soft fleece

Combed Cotton

Yarn preparation for removing all short fibers and impurities from cotton. Combed yarn is superior to carded yarn in that it is more compact and has fewer projecting fibers. The finest cotton fabrics are made from combed yarns.


A comforter is a type of blanket, and traditionally it is filled with silk, down or a synthetic alternative.


Down can be used to fill comforters, pillows, duvets and other bedding products.


A duvet is a type of comforter that is usually slipped into a cover for protection against soiling. Much like comforters, duvets are stuffed with silk, down or synthetic alternatives. Duvets are not only very comfortable, but they are a great way to add a luxurious look and feel to your bedroom.
Duvet Cover - A plain or decorative shell to cover and protect your comforter or duvet. Duvet Covers are available in an endless variety of colors, patterns and fabrics. Luxeport recommends that you protect ALL silk duvets with a Duvet Cover.

Egyptian Cotton

Egyptian cotton is grown exclusively in the Nile River Valley and has long been thought to be the finest cotton for bed sheets. Egyptian cotton is luxury cotton and is one of the strongest cottons available. Egyptian cotton sheets with a high thread count are some of the most luxurious sheets on the market.
Fitted Sheet 

This is the bottom sheet used to fit tightly over your mattress. Most basic fitted sheets will have elastic sewn around the corner edges while some higher end fitted sheets will feature elastic all the way around the bottom edge, which is more ideal. Fitted sheets are available in a variety of pocket depths, which refers to the thickness of your mattress.

Flat Sheet 

Also called the "top sheet", a flat sheet is placed on top of the fitted sheet and is typically tucked around the mattress at the sides and the bottom.

Flannel Sheets

On cold winter nights, nothing could be cozier than flannel sheets. The flannel material itself is a cotton/wool blend, and sometimes also contains synthetic materials such as polyester. The quality of flannel is not measured by the thread count, unlike sheets, but in the density of the material. For example, a quality flannel will be 4 oz. or greater.


Grams per square meter. A common weight measurement for bedding and bath textiles.


Created using a jacquard loom, this term refers to the weaving process and the cloth produced by such weaving. Jacquard weaving allows for intricate designs and textures to be woven and is used in items such as bedding, towels and other textiles.

Mulberry Silk 

A long strand silk made by a silk worm that feeds only on Mulberry leaves. Mulberry silk is typically snow white in color, softer and smoother than wild silk and odorless. Mulberry Silk is considered to be the best silk available and used for high end silk duvets.


Sateen sheets are named for their satin-like feel and also for the weave used. They have a unique feel to them, and one not to everyone’s taste, so be sure you know what sateen sheets feel like before selecting them.


Satin sheets generally tough to clean because they are usually made of nylon. Although satin sheets are often sold as luxury sheets due to their sumptuous feel, they are not as long-wearing as sheets made of natural fibers and blends.

Silk Duvet 

Silk sheets are the ultimate in luxury! Silk is by far the strongest natural fiber used in the manufacturing of sheets. As comfortable and luxurious as they are, they have some major drawbacks, including their expense and difficulty in cleaning them.

Silk Fleece 

Silk woven blanket that is brushed to create a ultra-soft fleece


Sheets can be bought individually - fitted sheets to cover the mattress, flat sheets to go on top, and pillow cases. They can also be bought in sheet or bedding sets. Since there are 6 common mattress sizes, it is important to shop for the correct size. Sheet sets are sold with one fitted sheet, one flat sheet, and either one pillow case (twin beds), or two (all other sizes).

Thread Count 

Thread count is commonly used to measure quality in sheets, but other factors should be considered as well. For example, the type of material used in the sheets will play a major role in the overall quality. A high quality silk sheet might be actually be a better caliber product than a pima cotton sheet, even if the pima sheet has a higher thread count. The thread count itself is simply the total number of threads that are contained in a square inch of the fabric, counting both the vertical and the horizontal threads.

Warp Yarns 

The yarns that run the length of the woven fabric.

Tussah Silk 

Tussah silk is wild silk which is farmed outside, from Antheraea moths. They feed on oak trees. The silk is heavier, tougher and more resilient than cultivated silk. The trade off is that Tussah silk is not quite as luxurious nor as soft or pure as cultivated (Mulberry) silk.


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