What is silk?

Silk is a fine soft thread from cocoons produced by silkworms. It is the least allergenic of all natural fibers. luxeport uses non processed raw fleece from silk cocoons inside our silk duvets, pillows and mattress toppers. Silk has a reputation of being the most luxurious, healthy and non-allergenic of all natural fibers.

How Many Types of Silk?

luxeport duvets uses long stretched, Grade A, 100% Mulberry Silk floss fill in our premium duvets. There are now three types of silk floss used in silk duvets on the market:
Cotton-like short silk floss (low grade silk):
This type of silk is actually downgraded silk floss, made from waste filaments and damaged cocoons, and is considered an inferior product. It feels more like cotton than natural silk.

Cube-type Silk (wild silk):

This type of silk is produced by silk moths grown in the Northern part of China. These wild moths feed on various types of leaves, producing dark colored silk. The silk must be treated with toxic chemicals to alter its’ dark color. The silk is not as soft and luxurious as 100% mulberry silk.

Long Strand, 100% Mulberry Silk:

This type of silk is very luxurious, soft, and supple. It is recognized by its pure, snow white color and natural luster and sheen. luxeport takes pride in using only this type of silk for our duvets and pillows. Mulberry silk contains natural protein fiber and sericin, which is a gummy protein that holds the filaments. Silk filaments are very fine and long, with a high degree of elongations. These elongations help make Mulberry Silk the first choice for superior quality silk duvets.

How to Identify Fine Quality Silk:

Here are some helpful hints: .

(1) Visual appearance
The best silk is recognized by its pure, snow white color. The silk threads have very few fragmented or waste filaments. The silk is long and well aligned. A lower grade silk is pale white in color, attributed to bleaching and chemicals in production. It lacks the natural sheen and luster of Mulberry Silk, and tends to look dull. luxeport silk consists of 100% Mulberry Silk for our premium duvets and pillows.

(2) Touch
Quality silk feels very soft, smooth, and has an excellent elongation (elastic recovery). An inferior silk feels course and uneven, due to fragments of damaged cocoons and waste filaments.

(3) Smell
Silk with foul, oily smell is inferior in quality
(4) Flexibility and Elastic Recovery
The higher grade silks have more flexibility and superior elastic recovery.

How Are Silk Duvets Made?

luxeport premium duvets are filled with 100% Mulberry Silk. The oval-shaped cocoons are stretched out into a large web, thus producing one layer of the silk duvet. It takes many cocoons and several layers of the silk fabric to produce enough batting to make a high quality duvet. luxeport duvet covers are made out of 300 thread count 100% brushed cotton jacquard.

Why Choose A Silk Duvet?

Silk is a gift of nature, making luxeport silk duvet’s the healthy choice for luxury and comfort. Our silk duvets are non-allergenic and are filled with natural premium quality silk floss, making them valued for their warmth, while being incredibly lightweight. Silk adjusts to your body temperature, adding a perfect layer of warmth by wicking moisture away from your skin into the air. Silk contains sericin, and anti-acrid property that prevents the growth of mites and fungus. Natural albumen fiber is a component of silk; it contributes to skin health by speeding metabolism of skin cell. Coupled with the silk amino acid, and permeability properties, silk contributes to the relief of joint pain, asthma, arteriosclerosis, neurodermatitis, and insomnia. With the trend towards healthy living people are choosing the natural properties of silk as a healthier alternative to traditional duvets.

How to Choose a Quality Silk Duvet:

There are different levels of quality standards depending on the silk manufacturer. You need to know some basic tips when choosing a superior quality duvet. Here are some helpful tips:
Duvets manufactured from cotton-like silk floss can still be marketed as 100% silk, but have no elastic recovery, feels rough to the touch, requires box stitches, and the layering of the floss is very uneven. The price of these duvets is approximately 1/3 lower than a Mulberry Silk duvet.
Cube-type silk floss (wild silk floss) can be marketed as 100% Mulberry Silk, but this is very misleading. These duvets are typically sold without a side-opener, preventing you from checking out the silk floss inside. At an initial glance, the silk appears to look the same as Mulberry Silk, but with a closer look it reveals the following differences: rough feeling, elastic recovery is poor, and the silk floss is not evenly layered.
luxeport premium duvets are made from 100% long Mulberry Silk, making them the most natural and healthy of the silks. With unique properties and purity, it is the first choice when purchasing a luxurious duvet. When shopping for a duvet, look for a side zipper to experience the silk fleece first hand. It will have excellent elastic recovery, feel smooth and silky to the touch and sold only from a reputable retailer.

Taking Care of Your Luxeport Duvet:

Silk duvets should always be used with a duvet cover. Silk is made from natural amino acids and therefore should be dry cleaned to prevent the amino acids from breaking down, causing the fibers to become brittle over time. In between dry cleaning (which you should not have to do often) duvets can be hung outside to air out, or placed in the dryer on the air cycle. This will ensure your luxeport duvets and pillows are kept fresh.

What Size of Duvet is right for my bed?

The following mattress size guide can be used to determine the right size duvet for your bed:


28 x 51"

71 X 129 cm


38 x 74 ½"

96.5 x 189 cm


53 x 74 ½"

134.5 x 189 cm


60 x 79 ½"

152.5 x 202 cm

California King (Western King)1

72 x 84"

183 x 213 cm

King (Eastern King)

76 x 79 ½"

193 x 202 cm

1 - Note, although California King is available in Canada, it represents a tiny fraction of king beds sold here.

We have a foam mattress that we find very warm. Will a luxeport mattress protector help resolve this issue?

Yes, foam mattresses provide great comfort and support, but do this by utilizing your body heat to help conform the foam around you. This process obviously generates heat and can cause you to overheat. A luxeport Silk Mattress Topper will wick the moisture away and help keep you dry and cool.

Where are luxeport Duvets made?

luxeport is all about clean, healthy, natural products and this has to start at the grass roots, with the manufacturing process itself. luxeport has invested time and energy in China touring the silk factories we now refer to as our Partners. It was very important for our company not to be involved with sweatshops. The working conditions of these factories are clean, well maintained and the employee’s respectful, healthy and happy. The manufacturing industry has provided food, shelter and income to many families who otherwise would have no other means to support themselves or their families. There were not any children working in any of the manufacturing factories we do business with

Why choose luxeport?

Our company aspires to provide products that help our customers lead balanced, positive lives by making the most of their down time……and ultimately feel amazing!! We are passionate about the healthy, natural qualities our products offer and are confident you are getting the very best products we have to offer.


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