Health Benefits

Sleeping with a luxeport duvet leaves you feeling rested and energized...a incredible way to begin each day

Here’s why:
  • This natural protein fiber is air permeable and naturally absorbs moisture away from your skin while you sleep, keeping you dry and comfortable.

  • The Sericin contained in silk is inhospitable to bed mites and prevents the growth of mold, keeping your duvet totally free of allergens.

  • Silk will keep nasty mould and fungus at bay, so you can have a clean allergy free sleep.

  • Silk is a fire retardant…ideal for your baby’s crib.

  • Silk is natural fiber that doesn’t conduct heat or static electricity, keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter while... maintaining your natural body temperature.

  • Silk is exquisitely soft and hugs your body while you have the most relaxed sleep possible.

  • Silk doesn’t absorb odors so your duvet will stay fresh for longer and require minimal laundering.

  • Silk fibers are incredibly strong and resilient so with proper care this will be the last duvet you will ever need to buy.

That’s not all!! There are other reasons why luxeport silk is the right choice:
  • High quality fiber and construction; interestingly, gram for gram silk fibers is actually stronger than steel, so with proper care a luxeport duvet can provide many years of comfort and enjoyment.

  • Silk duvets are light weight and thin, not bulky and lumpy like down comforters. The lightest comforters on the market; Imagine sleeping through the night without ever feeling weighed down.

  • Silk comforters are soft and smooth. No irritating protrusions, like you can experience with down.

  • Silk comforters "drape" and contour to your body while you sleep.

  • luxeport duvets come equipped with button loops at the corners and edges. These can be used for joining your duvets together to keep you snug on those extra cold nights or to secure your duvet to a duvet cover to eliminate the annoyance of your duvet bunching up.


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