Silk Care

With proper care and maintenance, luxeport duvets and pillows will provide years of warmth and comfort. Silk is an amazing fiber in that it is remarkably strong, and yet very fragile, so much care should be taken to keep it in great condition.

We recommend duvet and pillow covers always be utilized. Find a cover with a low thread count to allow the silk to breathe through next to your skin, it also means the oils and skin won't find their way onto or into the silk either. Using a top sheet is also advised. You can wash your duvet cover and top sheet as many times as you like. A duvet cover will preserve and protect your comforter so frequent cleanings of the comforter itself won’t be required. The silk protein inside your duvet will absorb moisture, but will not absorb odor, so the requirement to wash your duvet should be minimal.

"Air Drying" is the traditional way to care for a silk comforter. You should air out your silk comforter outside or in an “air” dryer a couple times each year. This will draw out any moisture that may be caught inside your duvet and leave it feeling light and fresh. This will keep your duvets, pillows and mattress toppers fresh, as well as maintain the longevity of the natural properties of silk.

When its’ time to clean your silk duvet, it should be professionally dry-cleaned. Make sure you call around to find a cleaner who is experienced with cleaning both comforters and silk. Often cleaners that specialize in cleaning silk wedding dresses are good candidates. If you are concerned about the chemicals used in the dry cleaning process, find a dry cleaner that uses a CO2 process. Many dry cleaning establishments are environmentally concerned and use processes to minimize or even eliminate the infusion of chemicals into their cleaning process.


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